Cellero’s immune cell experts love a challenge. From custom immune cell products tailored to specific research needs to guidance and consultation for protocol development, we’re ready to find a solution for you!

We have developed robust lines of standard and specialty immune-modulating cells for immunology research, cell-based therapy development, and process validation.

We don’t hold back. Our scientists are fully transparent with knowledge sharing and technical support at every turn. It’s all part of our comprehensive and complimentary customer service.

Get Specific, Get Results

Antigen-specific T cells have many excellent use cases in the lab for early-stage research and discovery. Cellero is the leader in developing exclusive lines of antigen-specific T cells you can’t find anywhere else, including those specific to peptides derived from various tumors, viruses, and bacteria.

Our scientists are the most skilled developers of antigen-specific T cells and custom assays. We can help you select the best epitope, screen donors for reactivity, generate custom antigen-specific T cell lines, and develop assays using antigen-specific T cells to measure the effects of drugs and antibodies on the immune response.

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