Contract Research Organization for Immunology

Cellero’s scientists handle the most complex research challenges in proof-of-concept experiments, assay development, product development, IND supplemental support, and biomaterial collection for therapeutic development.

What Can We Help You Discover?

Our cutting-edge laboratory, exclusive immune cells and donors, and deep immune cell biology expertise make Cellero a true one-stop-shop for contract cell-based assay research services in immunology, virology, inflammation, and vaccination, in addition to patient collections and protocol development for autologous and allogeneic cell-based therapies.

Contract Laboratory Services

Assay Development

Customized assay services to test for immunogenicity, checkpoint inhibitors, monocyte activation, tumor antigen expression, and more.

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Product Development

Robust lines of standard and specialty immune-modulating cells for immunology research, cell-based therapy development, and process validation.

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Contract Research

Enabling scientific discovery from early-stage research to product development and commercialization with a focus on enhancing lives.

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Collection Services

Donor recruitment, protocol development, biomaterial collections, bioprocessing, and cell characterization tailored to your research requirements.

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Why Choose Cellero?
Our staff includes published authors and industry thought leaders who have studied and solved the same research challenges you are facing.
Fast Results
We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds to keep your studies on schedule, bringing detail and documentation to your project along the way.
We have all the cells, leukopaks, protocols, and lab equipment to accelerate your immunology, virology, and inflammation research projects.
Research Case Studies
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Testing Cytokine Production of Small Molecule, Organically Synthesized Drug Candidates
After designing a panel of compounds to activate macrophages, dendritic cells, and B cells, a biotech startup wanted to know how structural changes would affect cell activation.

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Using a Recall Antigen Assay as a Tool for Understanding Immunity
While there is no industry-accepted protocol for measuring functionality of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, it’s an important test that should be conducted for quality control.