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Exploring the Effect of Culture Medium on Experimental Outcomes

While methods, reagents, and equipment have evolved over the decades, many researchers rely on the same culture medium formulations in use since the 1960s. This case study discusses several considerations for the impact of culture medium selection on experimental outcomes and presents findings from culture media testing for in vitro T cell expansion and function.

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Using a Recall Antigen Assay as a Tool for Understanding Immunity

While there is no industry-accepted protocol for measuring the functionality of PBMC, it’s an important test that should be conducted for quality control.

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How Fresh Are Your PBMC?

How does the timing of isolation and cryopreservation following blood sample collection impact cell viability and functionality?

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Testing Cytokine Production of Small Molecule, Organically Synthesized Drug Candidates

A biotech startup wanted to know how structural changes would affect their panel of compounds.

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