T Regulatory Cells

Donor #: 399
Size: 1-2M cells/vial
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Donor Details

Blood Type : APos
Age : 26
Gender : Male
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Anticoagulant : Unknown
HLA-A : 03,31
HLA-B : 15,44
HLA-C : 03,05
HLA-DRβ 1 : 04,10
CMV : Negative

Additional Donor Information:

Donor is healthy but does take fluoxetine 20 mg. He is a non-smoker. His genotype for FcgRIIIa is F/V.

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About Induced T Regulatory Cells

T regulatory cells (Tregs) are a subset of T cells capable of suppressing the activation and expansion of other T cells. Currently, the most widely accepted phenotype for Tregs is the co-expression of CD4 and CD25 with additional intracellular expression of FoxP3 and absence of CD127.

Tregs can be isolated directly from peripheral blood. Alternatively, we have generated a population of Tregs in vitro with potent regulatory activity. Now you can start with ready-to-use functional Tregs instead of trying to isolate or culture enough for your experiments.

Our Treg population can be used in an in vitro suppression of T cell proliferation directly after thawing as shown in the following experiment:

In a 48 well plate, we placed 200,000 CFSE-labeled allogeneic effector peripheral blood mononuclear cells in each well in the presence of 1 μg/mL anti-CD3 and varying number of Treg or non-Treg (BC3, a Myelin Basic Protein reactive CD4+ T cell line). Both Treg and BC3 cells were directly used in this assay upon thawing.

We incubated the plate in a 37°C, 6% CO2 humidified incubator. After 4 days of culture, we harvested individual wells and labeled them with PE-Cy5-labeled anti-CD8 monoclonal antibody. Data was acquired on a flow cytometer and the extent of proliferation (Division Index, DI) from CD8+ population was analyzed using FCS Express 4.0.