CD3+ T Cells

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Donor #: 400
Size: 05-10M cells/vial
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Donor Details

Blood Type : APos
Age : 68
Gender : Male
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Anticoagulant : Citrate
HLA-A : 02:01,68:01
HLA-B : 39:01,40:01
HLA-C : 03:19,07:02
HLA-DRβ 1 : 04:03,08:01
CMV : Positive

Additional Donor Information:

Healthy male donor who only takes vitamins and a baby aspirin.

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About CD3+ T Cells

Our pan T cells (CD3+) are purified from PBMC using negative immunomagnetic selection. CD3+ T cells include both CD4+ and CD8+ subsets. These can be used as responder cells in a mixed lymphocyte reaction or any other assay where T cells are needed.

We have CD3+ T cells from a variety of donors in a range of vial sizes. All donors are HLA typed and tested negative for blood-borne pathogens.