CMV Specific T Cells, HLA-B*35 restricted

Donor #: 186
Size: 1-2M cells/vial
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Donor Details

Blood Type : OPos
Age : 29
Gender : Male
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Donor Health : Healthy
Anticoagulant : Unknown
HLA-A : 01,03
HLA-B : 08,35
HLA-C : 04,07
HLA-DRβ 1 : 15,01
CMV : Unknown

Additional Donor Information:

This T cell population specifically recognizes an HLA-B35 restricted CMV pp65 peptide (IPSINVHHY) as shown by tetramer binding as well as IFN-gamma secretion assays.

Healthy young donor taking no medications. He is CMV seropositive and Fc gamma RIIIa F/F.

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About Antigen-Specific T Cells

Antigen-specific T cells are unique tools for studying the immune system. The T cell receptor is, like immunoglobulin, generated by genetic rearrangement of multiple gene segments. This rearrangement creates an army of T cells, each directed against a unique peptide antigen.

The T cell repertoire responds to viruses, bacteria, tumor cells and, in the case of autoimmune disease, peptides derived from normal tissues. Each peptide specificity is only found in a small fraction of circulating T cells, making study of antigen-specific reactions difficult.

We have developed T cell lines that recognize specific peptide antigens to enable analysis of T cell immunity.