SLE CD8+ T cells 5-10M New

Donor #: 374
Size: 05-10M cells/vial
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Donor Details

Blood Type : Unknown
Age : 44
Gender : Female
Ethnicity : Caucasian
CMV : Unknown

Additional Donor Information:

Donor is 5′ 2″ and weighs 260 lbs. She has lupus. She takes several medications. All are listed on the certificate of analysis provided with each lot.

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About CD8+ T Cells

Our CD8+ T cells are purified from PBMC using negative immunomagnetic selection. CD8+ T cells make up one-third of the T cells in peripheral blood and are important in eliminating viruses and tumor cells. CD8+ T cells are quiescent until they encounter a peptide antigen bound to an MHC class I molecule, which are responsible for binding bits of proteins synthesized within each cell.

When a virus infects a cell and directs production of viral proteins, they are presented to CD8+ T cells by MHC class I molecules. The CD8+ T cells respond by dividing to create more antigen-specific CD8+ T cells to fight the infection.

Antigen-specific CD8+ T cells are polyclonal T cell lines derived by repeated activation with antigen-presenting cells and peptide antigen. We verify the response of the T cells to the peptide antigen of interest and determine the percentage of antigen reactive cells using HLA-peptide multimers. These T cells can be used in assays on the day they are thawed for ease of use in your experiments.

Naïve CD8+ T cells are those cells that have not encountered their cognate antigen and do not have a defined function.

Memory CD8+ T cells are T cells that have previously encountered antigen and have differentiated to central memory or effector memory cells.

Total CD8+ T cells are isolated from PBMC by negative immunomagnetic selection. They contain both naïve and memory T cells and can be used to derive antigen-specific T cells to your antigen of interest.

We have CD8+ T cells from a variety of donors in a range of vial sizes. All donors are HLA typed and tested negative for blood-borne pathogens.