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Bone marrow derived mast cells. Expression of CD117 and FCepsilonR1 increase upon culture in the presence of IL-3 and stem cell factor (SCF).

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About Mouse Mast Cells

Mast cells are granulocytes found in tissues and are key mediators of allergic inflammation. They are characterized by their expression of receptors for immunoglobulin E (IgE). When these receptors are engaged by IgE bound to antigen, the mast cell releases a number of substances including the notorious histamine. Mast cells are the cells that make allergic individuals miserable, or in the case of some food allergies, the release of histamine and other mediators contribute to a fatal allergic reaction.

Mast cells are not found in the circulation, so they are typically cultured from progenitor cells. Culture involves several weeks in the presence of stem cell factor (SCF) and IL-3. We save you that time by culturing mouse bone marrow cells with these factors until mast cells develop. We test for expression of FcεR and c-kit, the receptor for SCF, and ensure minimal contamination with macrophages or other granulocytes. The cells can be cultured for up to 3 weeks after thawing.