Monocytes; Neg, 5-10M New

Donor #: 396
Size: 05-10M cells/vial
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Donor Details

Blood Type : APos
Age : 48
Gender : Male
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Anticoagulant : Citrate
HLA-A : 02:01,24:02
HLA-B : 07:02,15:01
HLA-C : 03:03,05:01
HLA-DRβ 1 : 04:01,13:01
CMV : Negative

Additional Donor Information:

Donor is allergic to dogs and penicillin. He smokes 2 cigarettes per day. His Fc gamma RIII alpha genotype is F/V

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About Monocytes

Our monocytes can be used directly from the freezer whether you use them in an assay that day or culture them to make dendritic cells or macrophages. Depending on culture conditions and the agent used to stimulate them, monocytes make a wide array of cytokines and chemokines.

In the pictured experiment, we cultured our monocytes for 5 days in DME/F12 containing 10% human serum. Cells were then either unstimulated (left panel), stimulated with poly I:C (middle panel), or stimulated with LPS (right panel).