Leukapheresis Products

Whether working on cell-based assays or developing therapeutics, you need reliable apheresis-derived blood products as a solid foundation for your research. Our leukopaks come with a broad range of options for donor selection, preparation, and collection to ensure the final product meets your specifications.

In accordance with their intended use, our products are collected under proprietary IRB-approved protocols, following the customer’s clinical trial protocol, or matching the licensed manufacturer’s requirements.

From Our Lab to Yours

Knowing what’s in your blood products is just as critical as on-time delivery and viability. We don’t just tell you our blood products are high quality; we show you. Every leukapheresis product from Key Biologics (A Cellero Company) comes with comprehensive documentation of donor screening, product collection, and processing, giving researchers and manufacturers full confidence in cell performance and purity.

Our logistics experts can deliver blood products fresh from our lab to yours with same day, overnight, or expedited shipping with active temperature monitoring and data tracking to ensure cell viability and maximize usage of your biomaterials and lab resources. If you prefer to work with a frozen product to fit in your lab workflow, we can provide that according to your requirements.

Cell Supply Needs, Streamlined

We are excited to announce a new level of cooperation with HemaCare facilitated by our recent acquisition by Charles River. Learn about some of the changes which will provide you with expanded access to high quality cellular materials.