Human and Animal Cells for Research

With reliable and readily available human and animal immune cells, comprehensive research and clinical laboratory services, and consulting expertise, Cellero has what you need to succeed. We offer highly detailed Certificates of Analysis, product information, and collection parameter data with every order to ensure full transparency and product reliability.

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We are excited to announce a new level of cooperation with HemaCare facilitated by our recent acquisition by Charles River. Learn about some of the changes which will provide you with expanded access to high quality cellular materials.

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Donor #: 498
Size: 05-10M cells/vial
Price: $ 145.00
In Stock: 38
Donor #: 145
Size: 100 μg/vial
Price: $ 120.00
In Stock: 11
Size: 100 μg/vial
Price: $ 100.00
In Stock: 18