Characterized Immune Cell Products and Leukopaks

Everything You Need to Launch Your Research to the Next Level

Cellero offers the largest selection of fresh and cryopreserved human immune cells, leukopaks, and other mission-critical blood products and components to support your research and development efforts.

From whole blood and packed RBCs to specialized blood components including platelets, serum, plasma, and cell byproducts, Cellero has both the inventory and expertise to provide off-the-shelf and customized isolates for drug development and cell therapy research, manufacturing, and process validation.

In addition to human cell products, we also have a selection of murine and bovine cells that are immunophenotyped, cryopreserved, and ready to use in your preclinical research.

Take the Error Out of Trial and Error

Cellero is unrivaled in consistently meeting cell count, viability, and quality measures for all raw and characterized immune cell and other cell products. We take cell quality seriously so you can be confident that your starting materials match all required characterization and collection specifications to make the most effective use of lab resources, time, and funds.

Discover More with Clear Data

We believe that data transparency leads to greater product reliability, and in turn, greater confidence in drug discovery and development. That’s why we provide more information about our products and donors than any other cell provider, such as full donor profiles, HLA typing, functional analysis, collection parameters, product yields, and more details where applicable.

Immune Cell Specialists From Lab to Logistics

Our inventory management system, cryopreservation technology, and logistics expertise ensure your products are collected, processed, frozen, and delivered for peak freshness and viability. Our inventory is searchable by donor attributes such as HLA type, gender, age, and disease state. You can also search by product or donor number.

About Our Donors

Cellero collects blood products in compliance with protocols reviewed and approved by an independent review board (IRB). All of our cell products are:

  • Tested for cell count, viability, and function
  • Tested negative for blood-borne pathogens
  • Purified and characterized by flow cytometric analysis
  • High-resolution HLA-typed (if applicable)
  • Characterized by FcγRIII genotype (if available)

For autoimmune donors, we provide information on the duration of their illness and prescribed medications. We also check for the presence of autoantibodies characteristic of each disease, though these are not always present.

We are committed to protecting the rights and privacy of those who participate in our blood collection program. To learn more about the characteristics of our donors, see the Certificates of Analysis included with each individual product listing.