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COVID-19 Research Tools and Products

  Everything You Need to Investigate the COVID-19 Immune Response As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, researchers like you are working double-time to develop new COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Our scientists have recently deployed multiple SARS-CoV-2 related products to aid in the research and development of life-saving discoveries as well as…

The Need for COVID-19 Patient Donor Material

COVID-19 research has been the subject of intense global focus ever since it became obvious that the disease was spreading rapidly despite early efforts to contain it. As the devastating impact of COVID-19 became more apparent, countries have raced to coordinate the scientific efforts and resources necessary to fight the disease. COVID-19 itself has hampered…

Cellero Immune Cells Provide Answers in Leukemia Study

Independent researchers cite using Cellero primary human immune cells in their recently published study on the mechanisms underlying development of acute myeloid leukemia. [1] This publication represents a broad collaborative effort across a number of renowned research institutes, including Memorial Sloan Kettering and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centers, and Cornell University. The research team want…

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Evaluating Antitumor Immunity in a Mouse Model

Researchers cite using Cellero primary mouse spleen cells in an independent publication focused on evaluating anti-tumor immunity. [1] It is well-established in the scientific community that tumor cells use immune suppression as a way of evading the body’s immune response, thus allowing cancer to grow and spread.  Scientists have developed several strategies for dealing with…

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Next Generation NK Cell Therapy

A recent independent study cited using Cellero cryopreserved primary NK cells in their bid to design a more effective form of NK cell therapy. [1] Natural killer cells (NK cells) are a critical piece of the innate immune system, displaying cytotoxic activity against virally infected cells and other physiologically stressed cells such as cancer cells.…

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Reducing Risk in COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Therapy

In a newly published study, researchers at Colorado State University and biotech company Terumo cited using COVID-19 convalescent plasma sourced from Cellero for their study on pathogen reduction technology. [1] Convalescent blood plasma is often used as a stop-gap treatment for viral diseases while other treatments are being developed. The plasma can help patients fight…

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Reimagining Gene Editing for NK Cell Therapy

A new publication in the Journal of Experimental Medicine cites using cryopreserved NK cells sourced from Cellero in a study focused on improving genome editing techniques. The study’s authors, who hail from National Taiwan University, work on cancer immunotherapy. Their goal is to see the full potential of NK cells realized. Adoptive immunotherapy is proving…

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Evaluating Immune Cell Cytotoxicity

Cellero showcases the latest techniques for measuring immune cell cytotoxicity in a new educational webinar. Cancer immunotherapy is a rapidly growing area of cancer treatment in which the body’s immune response to cancer cells is artificially stimulated. As the number of cancer immunotherapy treatments in clinical trials continues to increase, it is important that immune…

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Disease State PBMCs Help Unlock Pathogenesis of Autoimmunity

Autoimmune diseases are chronic conditions that often occur in individuals with genetic predispositions toward that disease. The pathological mechanisms that lead to onset of disease vary and are not fully understood by modern science. Autoimmune diseases, such as celiac disease, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, are all characterized by the inappropriate inflammation and damage that result…

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