The Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer (COSMIC) is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource for exploring the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer. 

Why We Love COSMIC

1. The website is an easy, one-stop reference for all information about specific genes and mutations.

2. The cancer browser shows mutations that are found in specific tissues ranked by frequency. 

Sample data from COSMIC showing the top 20 mutated genes in breast tissue.

3. Easily analyze a specific gene to see where mutations are clustered, understand whether the mutation confers resistance to chemotherapeutic agents, and view publications describing the data. 

4. Overall, COSMIC is extremely comprehensive and includes many links to other helpful resources. 


COSMIC has four main “projects” or key areas to launch a search into a different dataset or view. 



The core COSMIC database enables search by gene, cancer type, or mutation, and is the best starting point for new users. 

Cell Lines Project

Contains mutation profiles for over 1,000 cell lines used in cancer research, perfect for identifying cell lines with or without a mutation of interest when planning in vitro experiments. 


Provides an interactive, three-dimensional model of cancer mutations, as in this example of the BRAF gene.

Visualization of the BRAF gene in COSMIC-3D.

Cancer Gene Census

A comprehensive catalog of genes with mutations that have been causally implicated in cancer. 


Questions About COSMIC?

Visit their About page to learn more about their data and tools. We hope you find COSMIC as useful for your research  as we do! If you’re facing a research roadblock, our expert team of researchers is always available to help. 

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