Welcome customers, partners, and colleagues to the new Cellero website! On behalf of Key Biologics and Astarte Biologics, I’d like to introduce you to our new brand.

My name is Jeff Allen, CEO of Cellero. Over the past two years, the Key Biologics and Astarte Biologics teams have been working tirelessly to combine two valued, respected companies into a single organization that serves the entire cell and gene therapy lifecycle — from concept to cure.

Our mission is to help all of you — scientists, researchers, engineers, physicians, entrepreneurs — succeed in creating and administering tomorrow’s treatments and cures. Together we can help more people on their journeys to health and wellness.


Cellero Is Born

In 2018, Key Biologics — a leading provider of research- and clinical-grade biomaterials and collection services — and Astarte Biologics — an innovative, high-quality provider of characterized immune cells and contact research services — joined forces to establish a comprehensive level of biomaterial product access and innovation to researchers and scientists. Since this initial combination, we have been laser-focused in executing our strategies to bring us to this exciting day.

Our new name and branding represent the synergy and comprehensive offering of the combined organizations.


Cellero logo

Your research and development efforts thrive on speed and precision. We believe that your suppliers should help you accelerate your milestone achievements, not hold you back.

Whether you need access to unique donors, high-volume products, custom products, collection protocol development, or immune cell expertise, we have you covered. When you demand, Cellero supplies. It’s how we are playing a part in unlocking cures.


What Cellero Means to You, Our Valued Customers and Partners

With any change comes questions; that’s to be expected. One question that’s likely on the top of your mind is, “How will Cellero continue to support me?”

Rest assured that any changes to your account or service will only be in an effort to expand your access to the critical biomaterials you rely on every day. The scientists in our labs, physicians at our collection facilities, and friendly customer service personnel are all the same and will continue to provide you with exceptional insights, compassion, and care.

Our goal at Cellero is to fuel and accelerate advancements in discovery and development of new treatments and cures. What the change to Cellero means for you is a more comprehensive, end-to-end product and service pipeline.

Regardless of where you are in the continuum of discovery through cure, you can now trust one provider to recruit common and hard-to-find blood donors, isolate and characterize specific immune cells, deliver high-volume pure blood products, execute early-stage contract research and discovery projects, and collect from patients for autologous and allogeneic therapies.

One provider. All the products and services you need to accelerate your milestones.

It’s a simple concept, and we promise to do it well.

With that, I officially welcome you to Cellero! You may find the following resources helpful as you get to know us:


If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your scientific and clinical progress, please contact us. We are eager and ready to serve.


Jeff AllenTo your success,

Jeffrey D. Allen
President and Chief Executive Officer

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