Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) play a critical role in our understanding of the human immune system and developing life-saving and life-altering treatments. With plays in immunology, inflammation, toxicology, vaccination, and other fields, scientists in all areas need to have a deep understanding of this ready-made blend of innate and adaptive immune cells.

We’ve created a simple PBMC guide based on some of our most popular resources. Find everything from thought-provoking blog posts to in-depth research protocols, including: 

  • Using a recall antigen assay as a tool for understanding immunity
  • The benefits of testing with pooled PBMC
  • Detailed research protocols for working with PBMC
  • All commercially available PBMC products
  • Publications featuring our PBMC so you can see how these cells are applied in real research

Bookmark our PBMC guide and check back periodically for updates!


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