Biopharma, biotech, and academic researchers are on the front lines of discovering treatments and cures to the world’s most complicated diseases and widespread public health threats.

Now more than ever — as you begin to return to the lab — we are here to support you in your relentless pursuit of cures.

Tap into our expertise at all stages of the cell and gene therapy lifecycle — whether you need exclusive immune cell products, complex patient collections, contract research services, or expert advice.

With You at Every Stage

Whether your in-house team needs supplemental research support, reliable immune cells, or collection expertise for therapeutic development, we are here for you at every turn.

Early-Stage Discovery

Speed is key to reaching your aggressive research milestones — but don’t sacrifice quality along the way. Our stringent quality assurance processes and expert logistics coordination ensure you get highly functional and viable cell products as quickly as possible.

Characterized Immune Cells

You’ll find exactly what you need in our extensive inventory of cryopreserved immune cells (and if you don’t, request a custom product). Availability is updated in real-time so you know what products you can get with next-day shipping. For high-volume blood products, research-grade leukopaks are what you need.

Contract Research

From proof-of-concept experiments to custom assay and product development to IND supplemental support — our experts have the knowledge and technology to advance your early-stage research.


Clinical Trials

In addition to characterized immune cells, we have the immunology expertise and recallable donor pools to grow with you as you advance your therapy developments from bench to bedside.

Clinical-Grade Leukapheresis Products

Our coast-to-coast collection centers and loyal donor base of healthy and disease-state donors help us source both common and hard-to-find blood donors. We can access healthy allogeneic donors to provide critical raw materials for your clinical trials.

Collection Services

With two decades of expertise helping biopharma companies and healthcare providers collect from patients, we have the protocols, facilities, and compassion to support clinical trials of autologous cell and gene-based therapeutics.


Manufacturing & Quality Control

Consistency and quality of biomaterials are key to testing, refining, and validating manufacturing and QC processes.

High-Volume Biomaterials

Mobilized and non-mobilized mononuclear cells, whole blood, and red blood cells for efficient testing of medical devices, software, and manufacturing processes.

Donor Collection Services

Take advantage of our proprietary IRB-approved collection protocols, get a custom collection protocol developed, and use our state-of-the-art donor collection facilities to collect autologous raw materials from patients for the manufacturing of licensed cellular therapeutics and clinical trial products.


Cell Therapies

Our comprehensive product and service offerings take biopharma companies from concept to cure. When you’re ready for therapeutic delivery, we have the expertise and compassion to collect from patients.

Autologous and Allogeneic Patient Collections

Our registered nurses create a positive patient experience for the collection of autologous and allogeneic raw materials for therapeutic development.


Wherever You Are, We’re Here for You

No matter where your research fits along the drug development and cell therapy lifecycle, you’re playing a critical role in discovering tomorrow’s cures. Let us know how we can help you drive your projects forward.

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