It’s any lab manager’s or researcher’s favorite word when it comes to the year-end budget!

With the events of 2020 closing many labs for large chunks of the year, you may have more of a surplus than usual. So what to do with those funds?

One good investment is well characterized immune cells, which maintain their function indefinitely when stored in liquid nitrogen!

Many reagents will expire even when stored properly. But we have thawed our cells after years in the freezer and have found them to be just as good as the day they were frozen.

Now is the time to stock up on cryopreserved immune cell products for next year and take advantage of our 2020 pricing.


Which Cells to Buy?

It all depends on your research plans for 2021!

In addition to your favorite donors and cell types, we have a great selection of new donors and products you can secure for 2021, including:

You can match these new donors and products with our plentiful supply of NK cells and monocytes to create sets of cell types from various donors.


When and How to Buy for 2021?

Your ideal donor might be in stock now!

If you see what you need, buy it now online or by calling 833-CELLERO. Stock up for 2021 — our most popular cells and donors sell out quickly!


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