HemaCare and Cellero are ringing in the New Year with the aspiration to be bigger and better!

Both cell supply companies are joining forces under the umbrella of Massachusetts-based Charles River Laboratories. The new coalition is a major part of Charles River’s strategy to expand its research and development capacity, by acquiring the expertise needed to bring cellular therapies all the way from sourcing starting materials through to commercialization.

HemaCare, which Charles River acquired last January, and Cellero, which was acquired in August, are both in the business of supplying human cell therapy starting materials. However, each company boasts a unique array of services and product lines, as well as separate donor collection centers.

“The combination of Cellero with HemaCare will enhance Charles River’s comprehensive end-to-end cell therapy solutions, strengthening its ability to help accelerate their client’s critical programs from proof- of concept, to regulatory approval and commercialization”

Dominic Clarke, Global Head of Cell Therapy at HemaCare

Under the wider canopy of Charles River Labs, HemaCare, Cellero, and their customers will realize significant benefits.  HemaCare is already known for its access to the industry’s largest reliable and recallable donor network – and that network is about to get bigger. The addition of Cellero’s collection centers significantly expands donor collection capability from 2 collection sites to a total of 5 coast-to-coast donor collection facilities. The expanded donor network will assure that clients can source the right donors for their project within a shorter time frame and guarantees access to a steady supply of consistent cellular starting materials, boosting the ease of project scale-up.

Collection center locations are expanding to 5 coast-to-coast sites. Image Credit: HemaCare/Charles River

HemaCare’s 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Northridge, CA offers 4 on-site GMP-compliant cleanrooms for cell processing and isolation. HemaCare provides HemaPrime™ (RUO) and GMPrime™ (GMP) products that use consistent processes to facilitate a seamless transition from research and development to commercialization.  

Cellero’s collection centers will complement HemaCare’s product line with significantly increased access to disease-state cell collection from autoimmune and infectious disease donors, including COVID-19. Also available are specialty immune cells for research and development which include antigen-specific T cells, induced T-regs, immortalized cell lines, and murine primary cells.

The benefits of joining forces are not only limited to company facilities and product lines. Charles River, HemaCare, and Cellero clients will now be able to take advantage of expanded access to cell therapy process development expertise. HemaCare provides industry-leading cryopreservation expertise using GMP-compliant processes and access to a state-of-the-art cryogenic storage facility. Cellero offers services that include assay development, product development, and contract research.

We look forward to providing our clients with this expanded array of products and services. Please visit the HemaCare and Cellero company websites to learn more!

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