If you use mast cells for allergy or inflammation research, you have undoubtedly wasted time procuring stem cells or bone marrow cells from a specific human or mouse donor, adding the right protein and growth factor, culturing, and incubating before finally collecting the mast cells 2–3 weeks later. All before you could even start using the cells you needed!

Your time could be better spent in the lab or analyzing your results. That’s why we now offer ready-to-use mouse mast cells for your allergy and inflammation research!

Why create your own mast cells when you can order them direct and get started with your experiment the next day? Our mast cells are tested for purity, viability and functionality so you can be confident they will arrive at your lab ready to thaw and use.

See the mouse mast cells available now in our catalog. We will be adding human mast cells and more mouse mast cells, so check back soon for new products.

Need your mast cells tomorrow? Ask about next-day shipping when you order.

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