XrayThroughout their lives, many people will donate blood. Far fewer people, however, will donate bone marrow. For this reason, serious bone marrow donors are desperately needed. If you are considering donating bone marrow, you need to prepare yourself for this process. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

Know Everything You Can About Your Own Health History

In order to choose suitable bone marrow donation candidates, doctors and health professionals have to know a great deal about the potential donor’s health history. Thus, if you are going to try and sign up as a bone marrow donor, you will need to have information about your past health handy.

When possible, you should have your medical records sent to you or to the donation clinic. Likely, the clinic will ask for them anyway. Thus, you can be ahead of the game by already having your records ready.

Know What Your Bone Marrow Will Be Used For

When you gather information about the bone marrow donation process, make sure to ask plenty of questions. You want to do everything you can to ease your mind and feel comfortable with the donation process.

You may want to ask specific questions about what your bone marrow will be used for. Different organizations have different uses in mind, all of them good. Knowing exactly where your bone marrow is going and the good it will do can help you to feel better about the process.

Donating bone marrow is certainly something to be proud of, and you can feel even more proud if you know the good your donated bone marrow is doing in the world.

Review the Consent Form Carefully

Many people are under the impression that donating bone marrow is very painful, but this is not always the case. If you are concerned about pain, you can talk with the clinic about what you can expect in this regard.

Most people, however, will just experience slight general soreness after giving bone marrow. This can typically be taken care of via over-the-counter pain medications, so have some on hand for after the procedure.

Remember, donating bone marrow is a powerful act of giving and can help many people. Feel proud of your choice to donate.

Anyone who donates bone marrow will be asked to sign a consent form. This document shows that you give your permission for your bone marrow to be taken and then used how the clinic sees fit.

These consent forms may explain risks, compensation, and other factors related to your bone marrow donation. The forms also vary from one organization to the next.

Thus, even if you have donated bone marrow before, you should read the documents carefully. You may even want to ask to see the form ahead of time to give yourself plenty of time to go over and understand it. Don’t sign the form until you are fully ready to make the commitment of donating.

Prepare for a Physical

Most of the time, before donating bone marrow, you will be asked to undergo a standard physical exam. You have probably been through many such exams before. The purpose of these exams is to check your overall health and make sure that donating bone marrow is safe for you. If you have any questions or concerns about the physical, do not hesitate to ask.

The physical is generally provided to you free of charge, making it a nice way to check up on your health status without incurring medical bills.

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