If your New Year’s resolution is to be more efficient in the lab, we’ve got exactly what you need to stick to your promises. Introducing our Tissue Digestion Kit!

Our newest assay kit contains the key materials you need to prepare 10 tissue samples, including optimized assay buffer, instructions, and expected results. The only things you’ll need are dithiothreitol and equipment; the kit has the rest.

What’s Included in the Tissue Digestion Kit

  • Papain, 3.3 mg/vial
  • 10x Assay Buffer, 10 mL
  • Tris-HCl, pH 8, 1M, 500 µL
  • Acetic acid, 1M, 500 µL
  • Detailed Instructions and Expected Results

How It Works

Before you can measure sulfated glycosaminoglycans with our Proteoglycan Detection Kit, you must first liquify the tissue of interest to liberate the glycosaminoglycans. The Tissue Digestion Kit contains most of the components you’ll need to allow for digestion of small tissue samples and prepare for proteoglycan measurement.

Papain is a cysteine protease that hydrolyzes proteins and peptides. It has an affinity for cleaving bonds at basic amino acid residues such as glycine and lysine. Papain dissolves the protein associated with the glycosaminoglycans so they can react with the detection reagent.

You can also use the Tissue Digestion Kit on serum to remove proteins from the glycosaminoglycans.

Saving You Time in 2018

With our assay kits, you’ll save precious time and resources by not having to purchase extra reagents and working out the methods on your own. Cheers to a more efficient and productive 2018! And keep an eye out for other time-saving kits, best-practice protocols, and innovative new products coming this year.

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