Car T Cell Therapy

Immunotherapy: Harnessing Blood to Beat Disease

Immune therapy to fight cancer specifically programs a patient’s own immune system to target & destroy invading disease cells. The ability of immunotherapy to more strategically combat cancer than general cancer treatments do is only now being fully understood. And as scientists excitedly recognize immunotherapies’ potential is far greater than first imagined, donor blood cells…

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T Regulatory Cells Are Back In Stock

Great news for those of you who have been waiting for new T regulatory cells (Tregs): We have hundreds of vials back in stock ready for overnight shipping to your lab! Head over to our product listings to see our current inventory. Induced Tregs Natural Tregs   New to Tregs? Learn About Your Options. As…

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The Researcher’s Guide to Utilizing PBMC

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) play a critical role in our understanding of the human immune system and developing life-saving and life-altering treatments. With plays in immunology, inflammation, toxicology, vaccination, and other fields, scientists in all areas need to have a deep understanding of this ready-made blend of innate and adaptive immune cells. We’ve created…

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