How to Differentiate Monocytes into Osteoclasts

Our contract immunology research team is always looking for a new challenge. So when a customer proposed a project that involved differentiating monocytes into osteoclasts, we said, “Why not!” Fun in the Lab with Monocytes Osteoclasts are macrophages found in bone and are highly specialized myeloid cells that break down and resorb bone tissue, important…

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Endotoxin Detection: How Clean Are Your Antigens?

Have you ever spent weeks or months pursuing a mysterious artifact in your culture only to discover that the cause was a reagent or culture media contaminated with bacterial endotoxin? You’re not alone. Continue reading for a cautionary tale on endotoxin contamination. Detecting a Problem: Clueing in on Endotoxin Contamination We encountered an endotoxin contamination…

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New CMV-Specific CD4+ T Cells

New to our ever-expanding immune cell inventory is a CMV-Specific CD4+ T Cell Line, available in large batches of 1–2M cells/vial. Our CMV-specific T cells have been extremely popular among our customers for years, but have only been available as CD8+ cell lines until now. As immunologists, we naturally think of CD8+ T cells when…

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T Cells

Multiple Myeloma Patient Blood Cell Donors Drive New Therapy Progress

MMRF Funds Critical Research Relying on Patients Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation + NexImmune Partnership MMRF’s mission to advance new multiple myeloma therapy into clinical trials for MM patients includes a new formal partnership with NexImmune. A world leader in cancer research, the MMRF’s investment will advance NexImmune’s promising immuno oncology drug candidate NEXI-002 and support…

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Ask A Scientist: How Does Astarte Cryopreserve Cells?

As a buyer of human and animal immune cell products, you trust that your biomaterials will be handled with care and precision throughout the collection, processing, characterization, and cryopreservation processes. We understand how immensely important cell quality is to the efficacy and timeliness of your research efforts, which is why we are completely transparent with…

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Car T Cell Therapy

Immunotherapy: Harnessing Blood to Beat Disease

Immune therapy to fight cancer specifically programs a patient’s own immune system to target & destroy invading disease cells. The ability of immunotherapy to more strategically combat cancer than general cancer treatments do is only now being fully understood. And as scientists excitedly recognize immunotherapies’ potential is far greater than first imagined, donor blood cells…

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