cancer patients

Patient Power: Fighting Back Through Research Participation

Cancer Patients Give Blood Cells to Advance Treatment Studies Cancer patients are fighting back and helping advance the development of cutting edge cancer treatments by giving blood cells for laboratory medical research. Patients giving small amounts of white blood cells allow preclinical scientists to study the potential effectiveness and critical safety of innovative immune treatments.…

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Ask A Scientist: Progenitor vs. CD34+ Cells

Progenitor cells and CD34+ cells are often referred to interchangeably as stem cells. While this oversimplification is technically correct, there are many distinctions between the origins, functions, and uses of progenitor cells and CD34+ cells. What is the Difference Between Progenitor and CD34+ Cells? Despite their many similarities, the most significant difference between the two…

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After SLAS2019: Discovery and Technology

We have wrapped up another successful year at SLAS2019. Our Director of Business Development, Ponni Anand, and I just returned, feeling energized and optimistic about this coming year. We enjoyed exchanging ideas and learning about different methods and techniques with researchers and technologists from different parts of the world. For the third year in a…

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Preparing to Donate Bone Marrow

Throughout their lives, many people will donate blood. Far fewer people, however, will donate bone marrow. For this reason, serious bone marrow donors are desperately needed. If you are considering donating bone marrow, you need to prepare yourself for this process. Keep reading to learn what you need to know. Know Everything You Can About…

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Now Available: Research-Grade Leukapheresis Products

If you missed the news in August, Astarte Biologics merged with Key Biologics to become the leading provider of research- and clinical-grade human immune cells, blood products, and related services to the biopharmaceutical industry. As part of the merger, we are now offering leukapheresis products directly to our customers for use in late-stage immunology research.…

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SLAS2019 Restaurant Guide: Washington, D.C.

SLAS2019 is back in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center February 2–6, 2019. If this is your first SLAS event, be sure to check out their website to learn about all the conference has to offer. Aside from amazing presenters and exhibitors, you will find a variety of networking opportunities and educational…

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