We field a ton of questions from research scientists related to stem cells. While the use cases for stem cells are vast, many researchers aren’t exactly sure where to start, especially if they’ve never worked with these powerful hematopoietic cells before.

That’s why we’ve created a simple guide to answer some of our most frequently asked stem cells questions. The guide contains answers to many questions you may have when first deciding how to procure, culture, or work with stem cells in your lab. You will find important topics like:

  • The different sources of stem cells and the use cases for each
  • Detailed research protocols for working with stem cells
  • All commercially available stem cell products
  • Publications that feature Astarte stem cells so you can see how these are applied
  • A variety of information on working with stem cells in mouse models


Stem cells hold an immense, untapped potential to further our understanding of human immunity and regenerative medicine — but these cells can introduce just as many new questions as answers. The world of stem cell research is an exciting one. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, consider our guide as a starting point. And as always, you can ask our scientists any questions you can’t find an answer to.

Access our guide today, bookmark it, and check back frequently as we will keep it updated.

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