MAGE-A10 is highly expressed in triple-negative breast cancers (Estrogen Receptor / Progesterone Receptor / HER-2-negative), an important focus for many cancer researchers. We have developed a new T cell line specific for the MAGE-A10254-263 peptide (GLYDGMEHL) and restricted by HLA-A*0201.

These MAGE-A10 T cells could be the perfect complement to your cancer immunotherapy research. View additional product details and access the Certificate of Analysis:



About MAGE

The MAGE (Melanoma Antigen Gene) family of proteins are classified as cancer-testis antigens (CTAs) and are widely expressed in various tumor types (including colon, melanoma, brain, lung, prostate, and breast). However, MAGEs are mainly silent in normal tissues, except for testis and placenta.

While MAGEs were first discovered as tumor cell antigens and further developed as targets for immunotherapies, subsequent research has put a greater emphasis on the role of MAGEs in tumorigenesis.

MAGE is the first tumor antigen to be defined through specific recognition by a cytolytic T lymphocyte clone generated against the patient’s own tumor cells.

As Badovinac Črnjević et. al. describe in Medical Oncology, MAGE-A10 and NY-ESO-1 are likely the most immunogenic CTAs and attractive targets for immunotherapies.

We’re excited to hear the amazing discoveries you make with MAGE-A10 T Cells! As always, contact us with any product questions.

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