New to our ever-expanding immune cell inventory is a CMV-Specific CD4+ T Cell Line, available in large batches of 1–2M cells/vial.

Our CMV-specific T cells have been extremely popular among our customers for years, but have only been available as CD8+ cell lines until now. As immunologists, we naturally think of CD8+ T cells when considering immune responses to CMV, but CD4+ T cells are also heavily involved in controlling this chronic infection. After receiving several requests for CD4+ CMV-specific T cell lines, we decided to bring the product to you!

To make this particular CMV-specific T cell line, we used PBMC from a CMV-positive donor (donor 401) and stimulated them by adding CMV antigen (cat no. 1004). To our delight, the cells divided like crazy and we quickly had a great supply. 

The line shows specificity for CMV with no reactivity to tetanus toxoid. Because we used whole antigen to create this cell line, we don’t know specifically which CMV peptide it recognizes. Here are the details we do know about our newest cell line:

1) CMV Antigen Specificity

The graph below shows this cell line’s robust reactivity to CMV antigen and relatively little reactivity to tetanus toxoid. 

To prove this, we placed 20,000 T cells in a 96-well round-bottom plate in the presence of 20,000 autologous B-LCL (mitomycin-C treated) either alone or in the presence of increasing amounts of CMV antigen or tetanus toxoid (negative control antigen). We used X-VIVOTM 15 (Lonza) as the culture medium in this assay.

Following a four-day incubation period, we measured cell proliferation using CellTiter-Glo reagent (Promega) and plotted the Relative Luminescence Units against each antigen concentration. 

2) Cytokine Secretion Pattern

When stimulated in vitro with CMV lysate antigen, these CD4+ T cells show a specific proliferative response along with secretion of IFN-γ, IL-5, and IL-13 — but not IL-10. 


3) Central Memory Phenotype

Most of the cells in this line are CD4+, CD45RO+, CD45RA-, CD62L+, CD28+, and CD127+.


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