An estimated 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, which is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. And yet, we know relatively little about the disease and have failed to make promising strides towards a cure or treatment.

Two scientists have taken a new approach to fighting Alzheimer’s, and their joint venture is paving the way for renewed hope and excitement in the field.

Source: Alzheimer’s News Today

A New Approach

The co-founders of Cortexyme, Casey Lynch and Dr. Stephen Dominy, came from different backgrounds but had a similar interest. Lynch, with years of experience in Alzheimer’s research and as an entrepreneur and executive in commercial neuroscience, and Dominy, a UCSF psychiatrist working with patients with HIV and dementia, met through Life Science Angels where their joint passion led to the creation of Cortexyme.

While most research has focused on beta amyloid and tau proteins as the root of Alzheimer’s, Lynch and Dominy pursued evidence that a bacterial infection was the cause.      

Phase 1 clinical trials of Cortexyme’s lead compound, COR388, began in December 2017.

“COR388 represents a completely new paradigm for the treatment of AD. Cortexyme’s ongoing phase 1 clinical development program is an important step in evaluating this investigational therapy that addresses an underlying disease driver.”

Read the full article, Breaking the Mold – A New Perspective on Alzheimer’s, in Life Science Leader (subscription required).

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