MMRF Funds Critical Research Relying on Patients

T Cells

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation + NexImmune Partnership

MMRF’s mission to advance new multiple myeloma therapy into clinical trials for MM patients includes a new formal partnership with NexImmune. A world leader in cancer research, the MMRF’s investment will advance NexImmune’s promising immuno oncology drug candidate NEXI-002 and support continued development of NexImmune’s Artificial Immune Modulatory (AIM) nanotechnology platform: an adoptive cellular therapy (ACT) and delivery system that could have curative potential against MM often intractable cancer that causes multiple tumors throughout the body.

Multiple Myeloma, a currently incurable plasma cell cancer, poses a poor prognosis for ‘relapsed/refractory’ patients. [An ‘RRMM’ patient is one who relapses after three therapies or whose disease is refractory – resistant to treatment.] While some newly approved targeted drug agents offer short-term improvement of MM, within one year most patients develop drug resistance and succumb to the cancer.

Patients’ Blood Cells Needed

Research using diagnosed patients’ cells, as well as healthy donors’ cells, is a critical determinant of progress pace: Research using ‘disease state cells’ contributed by patients provides efficacy and safety laboratory study data that drives the pace of new treatment eligibility to begin progressive stages of clinical trials.

Novel Therapy & Expansion Process

MMRF’s confidence in NexImmune’s modality NEXI-002, designed to generate cytotoxic lymphocyte T cells, is strongly driven by the developer’s novel Artificial Immune Modulatory nanotechnology. AIM technology enables concurrent enrichment, expansion, and priming of CD8+ T cells targeting a range of solid & hematologic malignancies. Phase I/II clinical trial clearance is expected near the end of 2019.

NexImmune’s Acute Myeloid Leukemia therapeutic NEXI-001 received clearance for Phase I/II clinical trials on Nov. 1, 2019, confirming its AIM nanoparticle tech’s powerful potential.

How Patients Personally Can Help Advance New Treatments

Patients interested in contributing samples of white blood cells for MMRF+NexImmune’s research on MM and AML immune therapy development can learn more by calling the Research Champion Program’s Patient Advocate & Medical Outreach Coordinator [Memphis] at 901-483-1550.

Source: Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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