The CAR-TCR Summit is heading to London! We will be represented at the show by our partners from Key Biologics, who will be ready to meet you at booth A10. If you’re working to engineer a cancer-free world, come talk to us about how we can help with cell sourcing in the UK and throughout Europe.

Don’t Miss: Collection of Starting Product for Cell Processing and Production

Our colleague, Scott Carter, VP at Key Biologics, will be presenting as part of the Manufacturing Track on day one of the summit. Be sure to attend Scott’s presentation on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 14:00 to learn about the process of securing high-quality raw materials for manufacturing. 

Leukapheresis products are the starting materials for allogeneic cell therapy development and it’s essential for cell therapy developers to understand the process of securing those products, including the challenges and opportunities to strengthen the pipeline for this resource. 

Scott will discuss the procurement of qualified donors, the apheresis process, and options in donor screening, apheresis collection platforms, processing, packaging, and logistics.

Interested in Research- and Clinical-Grade Leukopaks?

If you have a need for leukapheresis products for R&D or clinical needs, see a sample of our available non-mobilized leukopak options, or submit a custom request with more details about your cell sourcing needs, including mobilized leukopaks, leukocytes, apheresis-derived platelets, whole blood, packed red blood cells, and collection services.

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