Have you struggled to replicate the research findings of another scientist? Or failed to reproduce your own research results? You’re definitely not alone.

According to Nature, over 70% of scientists have failed to reproduce the results of another scientist and more than 50% have failed to reproduce their own results.

While there are no industry-standard reproducibility mandates (and there may never be), there certainly are variables you can control in your own work to improve your intra-lab and inter-lab reproducibility.

Free Reproducibility White Paper

In our new white paper, we explore four common sources of variability in scientific research and offer tips, data, and stories from our lab that will help you improve the reproducibility of your research.

4 Factors That Affect Research Reproducibility

  • Reagents
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Methods

Download the white paper today. If you have specific research questions or hurdles, contact our research services team to discuss your project.

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