We left PEGS 2018 feeling energized from many conversations with like-minded scientists around research and the advancements in protein drug development. For those of you who were at PEGS, I hope you departed feeling as inspired as we were. For those of you who missed it, here are our top three discussion topics.

The Importance of Assay Development 

We loved sharing our insight about immuno-oncology in understanding the effect of biologics on the immune system. As a way of screening for the best drug candidates, we find creating assays in the lab continues to be effective for our customers in gaining valuable knowledge in drug development.

Using Primary B Cells for Antibody Discovery

We were pleased to be a part of the discussion around this new direction.

B cells provide a resource for developing antibodies that are less likely to have bad immunogenicity profiles. These fully human antibodies are achieving the promise for better function and tolerance in patients. There is still a lot of work to be done and our focus on this research is valuable in contributing to safer biologics on the market.

Development of New Media to Improve Production of Cell Therapy Products

We enjoyed connecting and finding ways to work together in supplying cells to the scientists working in advanced media, design, and development. There is great excitement and progress around cell therapies and we’re thrilled to help others in developing better culture media. 

We look forward to many more discussions.

“…I was under substantial pressure to formulate a reliable solution to a bottleneck in our early-stage cancer therapeutic screening program, the consistent supply of high-quality murine dendritic cells. …It would not have been possible to execute our program on the scale nor to the level of quality we desired without Cellero (formerly Astarte Biologics).” 
Charles Reed, Ph.D.
Protein Engineer

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