Secure the Inventory You Need. Enter Purchase Orders Online.

We’ve streamlined the purchase order process by allowing buyers to check out online using only a PO number.

Under the typical PO procedure, you search our inventory, find the products you need, send a request to your purchasing department, fax or call the purchase order in, and then have us reserve the products for you.

Meanwhile, there is a chance the products you originally wanted have since gone out of stock.

Cut that timeline down to have a better chance of securing the inventory you need. Just enter your POs online like a normal e-commerce checkout. Here’s how it works.

1. Add Items to Your Cart

All of our available products are listed online with current inventory counts. Add all of the products from your PO to your cart.





2. Proceed to Checkout

Full cart? Proceed to checkout to review your order details.



3. Enter Purchase Order Number

Select your shipping preference and enter your PO number. Place your order and you’ll receive a confirmation email within minutes.


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