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Everything You Need to Investigate the COVID-19 Immune Response

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, researchers like you are working double-time to develop new COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Our scientists have recently deployed multiple SARS-CoV-2 related products to aid in the research and development of life-saving discoveries as well as COVID-19 vaccine samples (time series) that can help advance our understanding of the immune response to COVID-19 vaccines.


Your Go-To COVID-19 Research Resource

Our new COVID-19 research products page is your go-to resource for any SARS-CoV-2 products and COVID-19 vaccinated samples that we generate. Bookmark this page and check back often for new product releases, additional lots, and re-stocked high-demand products.



COVID-19 Products Now Available (As of August 13, 2020)


Anticipated COVID-19 Immune Cell Product Launches

  • Additional COVID-19 PBMC Donors
  • Additional COVID-19 Plasma Donors
  • COVID-19 Peptide
  • COVID-19 Pooled Peptide



COVID-19 Convalescent Donor Collections

Back in April, we launched an IRB-approved initiative to support the research, therapeutics, and vaccine communities with access to critical blood products from COVID-19 convalescent donors. We are collecting blood donations in our Memphis, Tenn. and Lowell, Mass. collection centers for distribution to scientists both nationally and globally.

Some of our COVID-19 donors have undergone leukapheresis collections, so we have many vials available to support bulk purchases or repeat purchases.



Whether you’re studying the pathology of COVID-19 or investigating potential vaccines or treatments, PBMC from confirmed COVID-19 patients are the best starting material for your research.

Our COVID-19 PBMC are confirmed to be antibody positive and virus negative. We can match COVID-19 PBMC with serum or plasma from the same donor upon request.


About COVID-19-Specific T Cells (Spike Protein)

Our scientists have developed an antigen-specific T cell line directed against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Our new COVID-19-specific T cell line is HLA*0201-restricted and recognizes the epitope at residues 424–433 and is 90% identical to the corresponding region of SARS.

With over 100 vials in stock, you can purchase a small amount or large batch to support your coronavirus research and development efforts.


About COVID-19 Plasma

Plasma samples from convalescent COVID-19 patients can be used in research and development to test the accuracy and reproducibility of antibody assays and to further understand the range of antibodies against the virus in different individuals.

We are actively collecting plasma and PBMC from subjects who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection. All collections are carried out safely according to IRB-approved protocols in our collection facilities.


About COVID-19 Vaccine Time Series

Our COVID-19 vaccinated sample time series kit provides scientists with matched sets of PBMCs, plasma, and/or serum from consented healthy donors with no prior COVID-19 infection who have received a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Our cryopreserved COVID-19 vaccinated samples (time series) are collected at the following time points:

  • prior to COVID-19 vaccination
  • 10-30 days after the first vaccine administration
  • 10-30 days after the second vaccine administration (when applicable)

COVID-19 vaccinated samples can be used as a unique research tool to investigate the immune response within our body and to examine vaccine efficacy and potency duration between different population subgroups, as well as examine vaccine effectiveness against different COVID-19 viral variants.


FAQs About SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) Products

Note that as with any of our human blood products, we recommend cautious handling following all biosafety level 2 procedures. See a list of frequently asked questions about our COVID donors below.

How do you confirm a patient’s positive COVID-19 test?
All convalescent donors must provide proof of a positive laboratory diagnostic test for COVID-19.

How do you report on donor infection and recovery status?
The “time since infection” and “time since negative results” are recorded for each product as well as the neutralization titer information.

Are your COVID donors screened for other pathogens?
Yes. All donors undergo standard blood tests required for any blood donation. Additionally, convalescent COVID-19 donors must have an acceptable health history, pass a physical assessment, and undergo a COVID-19 antibody blood test to confirm status.

What collection protocol do you use?
We follow an IRB-approved protocol to support the research, therapeutic, and vaccine communities with much-needed access to blood products collected from COVID-19 convalescent donors.

Where are convalescent COVID-19 collections performed?
In our Lowell, Mass. and Memphis, Tenn. locations.

How do you ensure safety during collection?
All in-person activities include CDC recommended screening and social distancing measures for donor protection. All donors must be recovered, may not be taking any medications for COVID-19, and must be officially out of quarantine.

Convalesced COVID-19 patients are remotely screened for diagnosis, quarantine clearance, and health status via telephone or videoconference. They are being collected from in a physically discrete area away from regular donor collections and cell therapy patient care.

Cell therapy patients have been isolated on-site as a best practice prior to COVID-19 recommendations – protections now further enhanced per CDC, WHO, and NIH guidelines for their optimal protection.

Healthy blood donors are also protected on-site per screening and social distancing guidelines and continue to be collected from in a discrete care space dedicated to them.

Daily pre-facility entrance screening of all staff, donors, and other external persons via temperature and interview assessment continues at our facilities, as does PPE protection of clinicians and masking of donors per CDC recommendation. An expanded assessment for convalesced COVID-19 patients is a threshold for on-site attendance and collection.


Best of luck in your SARS-CoV-2 research endeavors. If you need any support or have research questions, ask one of our scientists and get a quick response.


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