Immunology and oncology researchers use leukopaks for a steady supply of effector cells as raw materials for their research and development efforts. Leukopaks are generally collected from healthy donors and shipped fresh overnight, containing between 5 and 20 billion white blood cells depending on the volume of blood processed from the donor during leukapheresis.

Leukopaks may be beneficial to your research if you are:

  • Conducting late-stage immunology research
  • Developing a cell-based therapy
  • Working to perfect the cellular therapy manufacturing process (gene insertion, cell maturation, differentiation, confirmation of reproducibility)
  • Validating processes and training production staff
  • Looking for a large amount of cells from one donor
  • Planning to use a large amount of cells at one time

Ordering leukopaks online is now easier than ever with the addition of non-mobilized leukopaks to our website. Simply:

  1. Find the size you need based on the amount of blood processed, ranging from 5 to 15 liters.
  2. Click the Request button.
  3. Enter your contact information. You’ll be able to specify additional criteria if desired, such as collection instrument, additives, and donor specifications.

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