When buying T regulatory cells for autoimmune or immunotherapy research, you have two options: natural T regulatory cells or induced T regulatory cells.

The main difference between the two is quite clear. Induced Tregs are differentiated in the lab outside of the thymus, while natural Tregs come directly from the donor’s body. But there are more subtle differences as seen in the chart below.

Our natural T regulatory cells come paired with a vial of responder T cells from the same donor for use in Treg suppression or other assays, or to compare the two cell types to eliminate concerns of donor-to-donor variation.

The graphs below are an example of the two vials of cells you will receive: one with nTregs (left) and one with non-Treg cells (right).

Which T Regulatory Cells Should You Buy?

Whether you should buy natural or induced T regulatory cells depends on your experiment, research goals and preferences. Follow the guidelines below:

For answers to your specific Treg questions, ask a scientist or see our Treg Suppression Assay protocol.

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