Targeted heterodimeric Fc fusion proteins containing IL-15 IL-15alpha and antigen binding domains

Bernett, Matthew et al.

“The present invention is directed to a novel targeted heterodimeric Fc fusion proteins comprising an IL-15/IL-15Rα Fc fusion protein and an antigen binding domain Fc fusion proteins. In some instances, the antigen binding domain binds to CD8, NKG2A, or NKG2D.”

Cellero Cells Used: Antigen-Specific T Cells


Interferon α and ω antibody antagonists

Chi, Ellen et al.

“The present invention relates to antibodies that broady neutralize interferon-α and interferon-ω, polynucleotides encoding the antibodies or fragments, and methods of making and using the foregoing.”

Cellero Cells Used: Plasma


Modulators of zinc activated cation channel

Chang, Yongchang

“Various embodiments disclosed herein include methods of modulating the function of Zinc Activated Cation Channel (ZACN) in a subject comprising: administering to the subject a pharmaceutically effective dosage of ATP, a purinergic compound, red or blue dye, heparin or heparin analog, desipramine, reboxetine, and/or tomoxetine; and modulating the function of ZACN in the subject. Various embodiments disclosed herein also include methods of treating a disease in a subject comprising: administering to the subject a pharmaceutically effective dosage of a compound capable of modulating the function of the Zinc Activated Cation Channel (ZACN), and treating the disease.”

Cellero Cells Used: PBMC


Selective expansion of different subpopulations of T cells by the alteration of cell surfacing signals and signal ratio

Almaasbak, Hilde et al.

“This invention relates, inter alia, to compositions of expanded T cell populations, methods for the expansion of T cell populations and methods for using such populations of cells. In some aspects, the invention relates to compositions and methods for the selective expansion of T cell subpopulations present in mixed T cell populations, as well as T cell subpopulations produced by methods for the invention.”

Cellero Cells Used: PBMC, Antigen-Specific T Cells


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