T-Scan: A genome-wide method for the systematic discovery of T cell epitopes

Kula et al. describe a new method for discovering T cell epitopes that does not require the culture of T cells and allows for precise mapping of T cells to the peptides they recognize.
Cellero Cells Used: PBMC

Inhibitory effect of  Acer tegmentosum maxim extracts on P. gingivalis LPS-induced periodontitis

Choi et al. show how Acer tegmentosum Maxim (ATM) could be used as a natural anti-periodontitis agent to prevent periodontal disease, a type of chronic inflammation. 
Cellero Product Used: Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)

CD47 antibodies and uses thereof for treating cancer

Gardai, Shyra et al. 
“Methods for using anti-CD47 antibodies, including masked antibodies, to modulate activity of (e.g., inhibit proliferation of) a CD47-expressing cell, as well as for the treatment of one or more diseases or disorders (e.g., cancer) associated with CD47-expressing cells, are provided.” 
Cellero Cells Used: Natural Killer (NK) Cells

Molecules that selectively activate regulatory T cells for the treatment of autoimmune diseases 

Greve, Jeffrey
“This invention provides for a fusion protein between an IL2αβγ Selective Agonist protein (IL2 Selective Agonist ) and a IgG Fc protein using a linker. The IL2 Selective Agonist moiety provides a therapeutic activity by selectively activating the IL2αβγ form of the receptor, thus selectively stimulating Tregs. The Fc moiety provides a prolonged circulating half-life compared to the circulating half-life of IL-2 or an IL2SA protein.” 
Cellero Cells Used: CD4+ T Cells

Bispecific fusion polypeptides and methods for use thereof

Mumm, John et al.
“Provided herein are bispecific fusion proteins and methods of using the bispecific fusion proteins for treating cancer.”
Cellero Cells Used: PBMC

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