Following the successful and anticipated launch of our Anti-ProInsulin T Cells for PI-1 and PI-3 last year, researchers like you have asked us to develop additional antigen-specific T cell lines for diabetes research.

We are excited to announce our latest cell line for diabetes autoimmunity research, the Anti-GAD65 T Cells!



The Power of GAD65

The GAD65 glutamic acid decarboxylase 65-kilodalton isoform is the first antigen to be recognized in diabetic subjects. GAD65 antibodies are an important biomarker of nonneurological central nervous system autoimmune diseases, and more specifically, are an important marker for the development of type 1 diabetes.

Recognizing GAD65 autoimmunity can be critical for identifying associated nonneurological diseases as well as assessing immunotherapy response potential.


About Anti-GAD65 T Cells

Both available lots of Anti-GAD65 T Cells are CD4+ T cell lines that recognize peptides 555–567 (NFFRMVISNPAAT). Lot 4642 behaves more like a Th1 intracellular defense in that it has higher secretion of IFN-gamma and lower secretion of IL-5 and IL-13. Lot 4645 behaves more like a Th2 extracellular defense with higher IL-5 secretion. 


Figure 1. Cytokine secretion of Cellero Anti-GAD65 T Cells #1127-4642MA20

Figure 2. Cytokine secretion of Cellero Anti-GAD65 T Cells #1127-4645MA20


The donor for both of these lots is a 48-year-old Hispanic male who is 5’3” tall, 240 pounds, has seasonal allergies, and is otherwise healthy. He is currently taking metformin, is CMV-positive, and has an Fc gamma RIIIa genotype of F/V.

We are actively recruiting additional donors to bring you more Anti-GAD65 T Cells.

If these Anti-GAD65 T Cells are anything like our first round of Anti-ProInsulin T Cells, they won’t last long. Snag yours before they are gone!

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