When ordering human or animal immune cells for research, it’s important to know as many details about the products as possible. That’s why we provide a detailed Certificate of Analysis for each cell product we offer.

But beyond knowing information about the cells and donors, you should also inquire about your supplier’s collection and processing procedures to ensure cell quality.

While many buyers look for fresh cells, freshness is not necessarily the best indicator of quality. Instead, inquire about the viability and functionality of the products you want to purchase.


Investigating Cell Quality

The timing of cell isolation and cryopreservation is critical to the viability and functionality of immune cells. In our case study, How Fresh Are Your PBMC?, we measured the impact of isolating and cryopreserving human PBMC within hours of collection from the donor, and isolating and cryopreserving human PBMC 24 hours after collection.

Read the case study to see the results and learn more about our experiment.

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