TCRβ sequencing is currently being explored in oncology research as a potential predictor for patient response to immunotherapies.  

Researchers from Biodesix, Inc. shared their most recent findings in this area at the AACR Advances in Liquid Biopsies conference in Miami from January 13–16, 2020. The research, co-authored by our Benjamin Tjoa, evaluated peripheral blood lymphocytes from Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer donors using TCRβ sequencing. 

Profiling the TCR Beta Repertoire in Liquid Biopsies from NSCLC Donors

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Ben and his team contributed to the CMV model antigen study, which involved culturing primary PBMC from CMV-positive, HLA-A02-positive donors with either whole-cell lysate from CMV-infected cells or CMV peptide. 
The Astarte team then harvested the cells for flow cytometry to measure for pp65-responsive CD8+ T cells and for RNA. 

“Good correlations between data from cell-based assay and the molecular analysis strongly highlight the potential of the T Cell Receptor (TCR) beta repertoire analysis as a predictor for immune responses.”
-Benjamin Tjoa, Ph.D.

Biodesix is currently investigating the clinical utility of sequencing the immune repertoire in NSCLC patients receiving immunotherapy. 

Visit the Biodesix Newsroom to learn more about their latest research.

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