Dr. Scott is the Chief Medical Officer at Cellero. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Transfusion Medicine and has deep experience leading blood centers and biological services organizations. Dr. Scott grew Key Biologics (A Cellero Company) into a leading supplier of biological products used by the cell and gene therapy industry worldwide. Learn more about Dr. Scott.

T Cells

Multiple Myeloma Patient Blood Cell Donors Drive New Therapy Progress

MMRF Funds Critical Research Relying on Patients Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation + NexImmune Partnership MMRF’s mission to advance new multiple myeloma therapy into clinical trials for MM patients includes a new formal partnership with NexImmune. A world leader in cancer research, the MMRF’s investment will advance NexImmune’s promising immuno oncology drug candidate NEXI-002 and support…

blood donors

Blood Stem Cells & WBCs Depleted by Disease? Donors to the Rescue

Blood Stem Cells Power Supply Blood stem cells produce billions of new blood cells daily, providing the 3 blood cell types that sustain human life: Oxygen-carrying red blood cells, Clot-forming platelets that stop bleeding, Disease-fighting white blood cells Without constant new blood cell production, survival is threatened. Blood Stem Cells Only Make More Blood Cells…

cancer patients

Patient Power: Fighting Back Through Research Participation

Cancer Patients Give Blood Cells to Advance Treatment Studies Cancer patients are fighting back and helping advance the development of cutting edge cancer treatments by giving blood cells for laboratory medical research. Patients giving small amounts of white blood cells allow preclinical scientists to study the potential effectiveness and critical safety of innovative immune treatments.…