We are happy to announce the availability of an expanded list of SLE donors in our immune cell catalog. In partnership with Physicians Plasma Alliance, we have isolated PBMC, purified CD4+ T cells, and purified CD8+ T cells from donors with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis).

Although Physicians Plasma Alliance is located in Tennessee, we are able to receive and process the cells within 24 hours of collection, as is the process for all of our locally sourced cells. Physicians Plasma Alliance collects the cells and priority ships them to our lab overnight so we can process them, usually within 24 hours of collection, and test them using our normal procedures.

We have a full Certificate of Analysis for each of these new SLE cells, including medications taken by the donors and the autoantibodies found in their serum.

Consider SLE Cells for Research

SLE has so few treatment options and many patients are relegated to treatments developed for other diseases (anti-inflammatories, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, etc.) to help control their symptoms, which can cause complications and side effects. Consider using these SLE PBMC, CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in your research to advance the knowledge of this disease.

To see our SLE products from Physicians Plasma Alliance, including some brand new donors, visit the links below:



  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 367 – #1037-3274JY16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 368 – #1037-3305AU16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 373 – #1037-3328SE16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 374 – #1037-3336SE16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 380 – #1037-3360OC16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 381 – #1037-3382OC16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 383 – #1037-3405NV16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 384 – #1037-3416NV16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 385 – #1037-3428DE16
  • SLE PBMC 50M – Donor 386 – #1037-3474FE17
  • SLE PBMC 20M – Donor 367 – #1036-3273JY16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 367 – #1035-3272JY16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 368 – #1035-3304AU16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 373 – #1035-3327SE16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 374 – #1035-3335SE16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 381 – #1035-3381OC16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 385 – #1035-3429DE16
  • SLE PBMC 5M – Donor 386 – #1035-3473FE17

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SLE CD4+ T Cells

  • SLE CD4+ T Cells – Donor 367 – #1058-3275JY16
  • SLE CD4+ T Cells – Donor 374 – #1058-3339SE16

View All SLE CD4+ T Cell Products


SLE CD8+ T Cells

  • SLE CD8+ T Cells – Donor 367 – #1059-3276JY16
  • SLE CD8+ T Cells – Donor 374 – #1059-3340SE16

View All SLE CD8+ T Cell Products

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