We wrote a post back in November 2016 comparing natural human T regulatory cells and induced human T regulatory cells. While both have unique benefits and are great options for studying the immune system, you also have a third option for Tregs: mouse T regulatory cells.

You may not think of mouse Tregs for immune-oncology and autoimmune research, but there are some benefits to using mouse cells instead of human.


3 Benefits of Mouse T Regulatory Cells


1. Fits in Your Mouse Model

If you’re experimenting using a mouse model system, mouse Tregs are obviously a must-have and will fit perfectly into your existing setup. Mouse Tregs give you an in vitro system to determine how your experiment impacts the Treg cells specifically.


2. All Mouse CD4+ and CD25+ Cells are Tregs

In humans, however, Tregs are heterogeneous, meaning not all CD25+ cells are T regulatory cells. Mouse Tregs can be more effectively isolated and purified, and are great for confirming the effects of your drug candidate.

Our mouse Tregs are CD4+, CD25+ and CD127 negative and have demonstrated suppressive activity in an in vitro Treg assay.


3. Save Time and Mice

If you use a mouse model in your lab, purchasing ready-to-use mouse cells can save you a lot of time and mice. Instead of collecting mouse blood or spleens and processing yourself, you can simply order cryopreserved mouse Tregs from our lab and receive them the next day, ready to thaw and use.
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