The Fuel That Powers Your Discovery Engine

Sourcing the right biomaterials when you need them can be the difference between reaching development milestones on time and circling back to the starting blocks.

Our extensive inventory of fresh and cryopreserved leukapheresis products (non-mobilized and mobilized) and characterized immune cells ensures delivery timeframes that help propel research efforts forward, not hold them back.

We provide fresh products on demand according to your requirements. With full visibility into our online frozen inventory and donor profiles, you’ll find the exact cells and services you need to prove concepts, advance through clinical trials, perfect processes, and reach development milestones without delay.

“Your PBMC performed so well, it made me look like a rock star to the rest of the team.”

Omar Duramad, Ph.D.
Director, Immunology | iQ Biosciences

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Characterized Immune Cells

Find exactly what you need in our vast inventory of research-ready immune cells: purified cells from healthy donors and donors with malignant or autoimmune diseases.

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Research-Grade Leukopaks

Our reliable leukapheresis products come with a broad range of options for donor selection, preparation, and collection to ensure the final product meets your specifications.

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Custom Research Services

Get the research help you need to expand your lab’s capabilities. Collaborate with our immune cell experts to accelerate your customized testing and assay development projects.

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